3rd Party Services

This aims to be a comprehensive list of all the external, 3rd party services which the OpenCSW projects makes use of.


Hosts camp related photo material. Remember to get people's permission before uploading photos.


Hosts the #opencsw IRC channel. The ceeswi bot (mostly RSS-to-IRC relay) is hosted by Sebastian.

  • Admins (Founder): William, Sebastian
  • Admins: Ihsan, Trygvis, Maciej, Benny


Hosts the contributors world map and various repository metrics. Requires maintainers willingness to sign up, not compulsory.


Hosts the GAR and the OpenCSW tools subversion repositories. Also hosts the Trac instance for the GAR Wiki.


Channel for various news, PR purposes.


This very Wiki.

  • Admins: Peter Bonivart
  • Moderator: Maciej Blizinski
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