Annual Meeting

According to the Swiss law, a yearly annual meeting has to take place.

When and how

The anual meeting 2010 will be held from 11. December till 12. December over Google Wave (Rizzoma). If you haven't got an invitation, please drop a mail to gro.wscnepo|draob#gro.wscnepo|draob .

Topics that have to be covered

  • Granting discharge to the board
  • Budget report 2009
  • Agree on the budget for 2010
  • Election of the new board

Granting discharge to the board

The board suppose to present a yearly report to it's members. If the members are satisfied, they can vote on a relieve of the board. Not granting the discharge doesn't have any consequenses, it has to be understood as "we are not happy with you're doing".


A budget report has to be presented and accepted.

Board election


The board has to be elected every year.

Who can be elected?

Only candidates, i.e. association members who will accept an election to the board, can be elected. Any association member can step up as candidate before the meeting.


Whereas the formal acknowledgment of the past and present budgets will happen on the Wave, the board vote will be carried out anonymously and privately over ballotbin. Vote invitations will be sent out to all association members. The anonymized results will be automatically disclosed to all voters after the vote has ended. Note: A vote cannot be changed.

And if I don't like the way the vote is carried out?

A request has to be made in the very beginning of the meeting.


Requests for items not on the agenda can be made before or during the meeting. This is includes (but is not limited) to bylaw changes. A change to the bylaws for example needs an explicit request whereupon a vote will be initiated to vote on the change.

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