Apache2 Update Problem

NOTE: This document is still a WIP.

Updating the apache2 package in a way that works with both pkgutil and pkg-get has proven difficult. The core problem is that I changed the dependency ordering in a way that sees pkg-get update the packages in an order that doesn't allow the proper restart of the worker mpm. This is a minor issue, imo, but I'd like to resolve it if possible.

This diagram represents the old dependency ordering and the points where external packages depend on sub-packages.


This diagram represents the changes I've made (external dependency points remain).


The cause of the problem is that I reversed a few of the dependencies. This change conflicts with the way pkg-get does an upgrade operation. The catalog is run through, in the order that packages are listed. Any package that is installed currently and has a new version available is updated. This update then recursively updates any dependent packages.

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