Board Election 2010

The following people are applying for the election of the board in (Dec) 2010 for the positions of president, treasurer and secretary. Please outline what you intend to do when you are elected and why you think are a good choice.

Ben Walton

I've been a member of OpenCSW since it's inception as a formal entity. I'm an active maintainer of several packages and have participated in several areas of the community not directly related to packaging. I have many ideas that I think will improve upon the foundation that has served us thus far. I've demonstrated my ability to be a team player but I've also shown that I can take a stand on important issues. If elected, I'll pour the same energy, time commitment and enthusiasm into the Board position as I have into the community as a whole over the past 2 years.

Maciej Bliziński

I've been actively involved in OpenCSW since March 2009, and an official member since November 2009. During these 1.5 years, I've become one of the top code contributors1 and the main developer of checkpkg, one of the key elements of package quality control. I've actively participated in the Oslo Summercamp and chaired both sessions of the Munich Wintercamp. If elected, I will increase my involvement in package quality assurance, work on formalization of package creation and checking processes, and continue helping to grow the OpenCSW community.

Ihsan Dogan

I'm actively involved in the project since 2003, I'm a founding member of the OpenCSW association and a board member.
Besides the packaging I'm running the web, mail, mailing list and DNS services for our project since the very early days.
If elected, I would like to keep the the stability in the board and put the same energy and efforts into the projects as I did in the past years. On the organisational side, I would like the work on the registration of the association it as a non-profit organisation and start with active marketing for OpenCSW, which was never done in the past years. This should help to make OpenCSW more popular and should bring new package maintainers to the project.

Philip Brown

I founded CSW packaging for Solaris, out of an idea that Solaris users of all kinds, would benefit from a well-integrated, high-quality set of packages, that were of "production quality". If elected, I will continue my commitment to ensuring that OpenCSW is aimed at providing the best available freeware packages for Solaris, that are suitable for use in a "Fortune 500 "company just as well as use by a new Solaris user. I would like to see us reach out more, specifically to the "high end" deployments this year, so that we can get more recognition and credibility in the Solaris community.

Peter Felecan

Member of the foundation, I contributed 109 packages since September 2004. If elected. I'll work for a greater democracy of the foundation and its processes, support the automation of the packages life cycle and put the maintainer at the center of the foundation as the full owner of his work.

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