Board Election 2012

The following people are applying for the election of the board in (May) 2012 for the positions of president, treasurer and secretary. Please outline what you intend to do when you are elected and why you think are a good choice.

Maciej Bliziński

I've been actively involved in OpenCSW since March 2009, and an official member since November 2009. During these 3 years, I've become one of the top code contributors1 and the main developer of checkpkg, one of the key elements of package quality control. I've actively participated in a number of camps and chaired multiple sessions. I've overhauled the package release process, and I'm maintaining it since. If elected, I'll continue my steady level of involvement.

Peter Felecan

Member of the foundation, I contributed more than a hundred packages since September 2004. If elected. I'll work for the increase of the overall quality, with a special emphasis on the documentation. Keeping the maintainer at the center of the foundation and preserving the democracy constitue the core values of my vision for our project.

Ben Walton

I've been an OpenCSW member since 2008 and a foundation member since it's inauguration. I've been involved in many aspects of the project from build tools to governance and maintain a large number of packages. Having already served a term on the board, I know what's involved and would like to continue this work to help steer OpenCSW through it's next year. If re-elected, I'd like to focus on furthering the goals of release automation which includes working toward package migrations between catalogs and the associated tiering.

Your Name Here

I've done many great things for OpenCSW. I think I'd be a good representative.

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