Board Election 2014

The following people are applying for the election of the board in (Feb) 2014 for the positions of president, treasurer and secretary. Please outline what you intend to do when you are elected and why you think are a good choice.

Peter Felecan

This is my tenth year of contributing to the project. If elected. I'll continue to work for the increase of the overall quality, with a special emphasis on the documentation. Keeping the maintainer at the center of the foundation and preserving the democracy constitute the core values of my vision for our foundation.

Dagobert Michelsen

I have been a member of the board earlier and although I would like to explicitly encourage other and especially new maintainers to run for the board I feel that I miss something not being on the board myself :-)

Carsten Grzemba

I contribute to the project since 2012. I've been involved in some aspects of the build tools and maintain a large number of packages. I would like to continue this work and try to further improve the services of openCSW.

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