Configuration directory migration

Configuration files have been historically kept in /opt/csw/etc. There is consensus to migrate to a new location, /etc/opt/csw, for most configuration files, particularly ones that need to be machine local.

Incentives to move to /etc/opt/csw

  • Have one single place for configuration files. Currently most packages use /opt/csw/etc, while some use /etc/opt/csw. This is confusing to people as they don't know where to look for configuration files (depends on the package).
  • Support for shared, read-only /opt/csw directory. Two main cases are /opt/csw shared over NFS and sparse non-global zones, where /opt/csw is inherited from the global zone. System daemons such as CUPS or syslog-ng need writable directories (hence /var/opt/csw). Other pieces of software need different configurations for different zones (hence writable /etc/opt/csw).

The single file case

We're considering the case of a single configuration file foo.conf, which used to live in /opt/csw/etc and is about to be moved to /etc/opt/csw. The hypothetical sysadmin wants, if possible, to just upgrade the package and might not know about the configuration directory migration.

CSWbar before CSWbar after
/opt/csw/etc/foo.conf /etc/opt/csw/foo.conf
# Strategy Example implementation(s) Install passes CSWbar works in the global zone CSWbar works in sparse non-global zones Edits to /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf work as previously Gives an impression of supporting /opt/csw/etc Guarantee that sysadmin knows
0. No action Yes No No No Yes No
1. Fail if /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf is present preinstall No No No No No Yes
2. mv /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf /etc/opt/csw/foo.conf Yes Yes No No No No
3. cp /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf /etc/opt/csw/foo.conf Yes Yes Yes No Yes* No
4. ln -s ../../../opt/csw/etc/foo.conf /etc/opt/csw/foo.conf ** postinstall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* No
5. mv /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf /opt/csw/etc/migration-archive && cp /opt/csw/etc/migration-archive/foo.conf /etc/opt/csw postinstall cswmigrateconf Yes Yes Yes No No No

* — Can be amended by placing signposts.

** — The option of linking the other way has also been considered, but it requires actions from point 5 and doesn't add anything.


To make the sysadmin aware of the change, signposts in /opt/csw/etc could be placed. For instance:

# ls -l /opt/csw/etc/foo*
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root           4 Sep  1 15:36 /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root         236 Sep  1 15:38 /opt/csw/etc/foo.conf.THIS_LOCATION_IS_DEPRECATED
This location (/opt/csw/etc) is deprecated.

Configuration files are currently being placed in /etc/opt/csw.  Please make
sure your new configuration is in /etc/opt/csw and remove the old one from

The complex case

There might be a complex case which cannot be reduced to a set of known configuration files. In such case, an attempt to migrate the configuration automatically is not a good idea. What should the package pre/postinstall scripts do? For instance:

  1. In the preinstall script, display information about the need to migrate the configuration
  2. pause for 10 seconds, allowing the user to abort the installation
  3. One of the two:
    • proceed with the installation, using the new configuration files
    • return non-zero exit code, therefore aborting the installation

There's an example implementation.

The topic is open for discussion on the mailing list.

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