File Bugs via a Script

Every once in a while it is necessary to file a series of bugs against several packages, preferably from the command line. To do so, there are two approaches for now: one via curl and another one via python which calls into the official Mantis SOAP API. While both approaches are a bit rough around the edges, the latter one looks like a promising candidate for building OpenCSW tools and services.

Filing a bug via curl

The following steps exemplify how curl can be used to file a bug against a package from the command line.

Authenticate to Mantis (stores a session cookie)

curl -s -c mantis.cookies -d 'username=<username>;&password=<password>;' > /dev/null

Select the relevant project/package (project ID can be retrieved from

curl -s -b mantis.cookies -c mantis.cookies -d "project_id=<project_id>" > /dev/null

File a bug The resulting bug looks like this one.

curl -s -b mantis.cookies -c mantis.cookies \
    -F "m_id=0" \
    -F "project_id=<project_id>" \
    -F "handler_id=0" \
    -F "category=packaging" \
    -F "reproducibility=10" \
    -F "severity=50" \
    -F "summary=Depend on CSWggettextrt" \
    -F "description=Rutime for gettext is now in CSWggettextrt, please update dependencies from CSWgettext to CSWgettextrt" \
    -F "max_file_size=5000000" \
    -F "view_state=10" \ > /dev/null

The numeric levels above translate to the following strings

  • Priority: 10:none,20:low,30:normal,40:high,50:urgent,60:immediate
  • Severity: 10:feature,20:trivial,30:text,40:tweak,50:minor,60:major,70:crash,80:block
  • Reproducability: 10:always,30:sometimes,50:random,70:have not tried,90:unable to duplicate,100:N/A
  • View State: 10:public,50:private
  • Status: 10:new,20:feedback,30:acknowledged,40:confirmed,50:assigned,80:resolved,90:closed
  • Resolution: 10:open,20:fixed,30:reopened,40:unable to duplicate,50:not fixable,60:duplicate,70:not a bug,80:suspended,90:wont fix

For a full reference please see the section "Mantis Enum Strings" in

Filing a bug via the Mantis SOAP service and python + suds

The following example python snippet uses the suds library to file a bug using the Mantis SOAP API. suds is easy to use in general and is pretty straight-forward when it comes to complex data types in SOAP (in comparison both, SOAPpy and ZSI are a royal PITA). suds is available as a OpenCSW package.

from suds.client import Client
client = Client('')

issue = client.factory.create('IssueData') = "httping" = 0 # Mantis will try to evaluate it, chokes if unset
issue.summary = "Testing CLI bug submission"
issue.description = "Testing CLI bug submission"
issue.category = "other" = "N/A" = "minor" = "normal" = "public" = "open" = "none" = "none" = "new"


Quite a bit of information from the issue above shouldn't be needed for an initial bug report (resolution, projection, eta, status), yet it is required due to Mantis bug #9132 mc_issue_add does not set values for all submitted fields which is only fixed in the 1.2.x branch.

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