GPG signatures

To make it easier to use encryption and digital signatures, gpg can be used. To get started:

  • Install CSWgnupg or CSWgnupg2
  • To get started, follow the document from the GPG website. It'll tell you how to generate your key pair.
  • Meet with a member who already has a signed key an get your key signed by them. You can also organize or attend a key signing party. Such party consists generally of verifying triplets of: Physical person you meet, their name and their key signature. Then you can sign their keys and send the signed keys to their e-mail addresses. See the key signing party howto for details. The first OpenCSW key signing party took place in Paris in August 2010.
    • CSWpius makes it easier to properly sign public keys and send them.
  • In order to send signed e-mail, use an e-mail client with GPG integration, or use an extension such as Enigmail for Thunderbird. If you don't have or can't use one, save your message in a file, sign it and attach it.
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