Google Summer of Code 2013

Ideas for GSOC 2013

Backend for IPS (Solaris 11) packages

GAR, the OpenCSW package build system can currently only build packages in the old SVR4 format. Abstracting the package creation code out to allow more flexibility in produced packages like RPM, tarballs or IPS would greatly enhance overall usefulness of the OpenCSW project.

The IPS backend has been requested directly and indirectly multiple times on IRC and the users mailing list.

Bootstrapping and building packages into a custom prefix

OpenCSW currently offers a set of binary packages, which install into the /opt/csw prefix in the system directory hierarchy. The purpose of this project is to make it possible for third parties to build packages into a custom prefix. This would turn OpenCSW from a repository of binary packages into a framework for third parties, e.g. companies using Solaris and wanting to build their packages in-house.

Port of VLC to Solaris on SPARC

The VideoLAN media player includes lots of codecs and output devices. A porting effort in 2004 lead to a number of enhancements in standard C conformance and byte order issues in the codecs.

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