IRL meeting

Peter and Dago had the idea that people interested in OpenCSW could meet in real life. We decided that the meeting will take place on 6. December in Switzerland's biggest city Zurich.

One of the goals of this meeting is to found the OpenCSW foundation. The foundation should be non-commercial, define the project goals and own all the names and domains to prevent abuse.

All maintainers and people who want to become OpenCSW maintainers are welcome to join this meeting. If you would like join, please send an e-mail to gro.wscnepo|nashi#gro.wscnepo|nashi.

Friday 5. December:
20:00 Dinner at the Restaurant Zeughauskeller in Zurich (optional)
22:00 exploring the Bars in Zurich (optional)

Saturday 6. December


09:30 Departure at Zurich main station
09:30 OpenCSW meeting starts at the CND Office in Effretikon (mandatory)
10:00 Start with defining the project goals and founding the foundation
14:00 Introduction to GAR, by Dagobert Michelsen
19:30 Dinner at the Restaurant Le Dézaley in Zurich

Sunday 7. December

Technical workshops
- Introduction to GAR, by Dagobert Michelsen

- Ibis Hotel preferred
- Etap Hotel preferred
- Atlantis Annex Guesthouse Hotel
- Complete list of hotels in Zurich



- Ihsan Dogan
- William Bonnet
- Trygve Laugstøl
- Dagobert Michelsen
- Philip Brown
- Dominique Laigle

Topics to talk about (currently unsorted)

(See also [suggestions] )

- The incorporated society
- Founded with (at least ?) three members
- Opencsw closed for old maintainers (what does this mean??)
- Maintainers then apply for membership and get accepted
- vote once per year
- What should the voting mechanism be?
- exclusion of members if they have not voted, had no vacancy notice
- Expiration of inactive maintainers

- Teams for groups of packages
Basically the idea is that key packages (Mozilla's spawns (FF TB SM), Apache, ssh, foo) or set of packages likke desktop environment (kde, gnome, xfce) should be handle by a team. Organisation has to be defined, but it could be composed of a leader and contributors who can alsoupdate and release things or a "main maintainer" and a "backup maintainer".
- package archive
Smoother user experience:
- log versioned current/ (no auto-pull of current catalog)
- updated pkg-install-tools: If I would update my catalog what would be updated
- quarterly archived stable/

- packaging tools (pkg-get vs. pkgtool)
- change in behaviour: update catalog on demand
- version dependencies (move IPS into SysV catalog)

- Logo
- OpenCSW

- Making GAR mandatory
- modular GAR
- Hudson
- multiISA GAR
- Put link to SVN in it for straight reference
- Source packages
- make this available for download on the package page
- Change license to be include in /opt/csw/share/doc/<pkg>/LICENSE
and reference this in install/COPYRIGHT
- What is missing
- Source update notification mechanism (with insertion of bugs into mantis)


- People
- mirror maintainer
- "maintainer coach" to ping
- package maintainer
- Mantis maintainer

- Key process people
- q/a and bug process and manager
- release process and manager

- Build farm
- build-farm alternate administrator
- more than 1 administrator, preferably in different time zones
- at least 2 administrator by bf. Need one backup
- setup a directory of maintainer (ldap) with maintainer information and public key
- setup a master build farm, and replicate to slave directories
- setup a package installation mechanism
- package installation should go through a tool which can keep in sync build machine and install same package everywhere (map of software is maybe not enoug. reporting has to be automated)
- setup build farm monitoring (using nagios or equivalent tool)
- build farm backup and high availability of services

- User Wiki
- One page per package
- Contains "best practice" and user experience with the package

- 32 / 64 bit packages for x86 with Hudson

- Security announcement and updates

- Setup a package update prority list

- Setup a task force to work on orphaned packages. This TF will update package and add them to GAR until some maintainer is appointed

pictures of meeting can now be seen, among other places, at

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