Mail Services

To setup your mail, you can login with ssh on

The OpenCSW is a flexible mail server to satisfy the needs of the maintainers. There are three ways to get access to your OpenCSW mails:

- You forward your mail with a regular .forward file to a different e-mail address.
- You read your mail on the mail server with Mutt
- You access to your mails with IMAP

General Information
Mails are delivered with Procmail into your home directory. There is already a Maildir directory in your home directory, where all your mail are delivered into. There is also a sample .procmailrc, that you can change as you like.


IMAP access
For IMAP access, you have to use SSL (port 993) or TLS (STARTTLS on port 143) on
For SMTP you have to use TLS (port 25). As an alternative, you can use the submission port 587. The host is

NOTE: To get IMAP access, I have to set up an initial password. Please
contact ihsan<at> to get an initial password.

Webmail access
Point your browser to and use the same login credentials as for IMAP.

Anti spam and anti virus
Spam and viruses are not delivered to your inbox. Possible spam is delivered into the Spam Folder. You might need to subscribe this folder (IMAP).

IMPORTANT: Spam is filtered and tagged already by the amavis. Please
don't you spamc or spamassassin.

Sorting Mail
Mail is delivered with Procmail and there is a sample .procmailrc in your home directory. To sort for example the mails from the maintainers list directly into the folder Inbox/opencsw/maintainers you need this entry in your .procmailrc:

* ^List-Post: <>
| $DELIVER -m INBOX.opencsw.announce

Mailing lists
Every maintainer is automatically subscribed to the maintainers list. You cannot unsubscribe yourself from the list.

Please keep in mind, that the maintainers list archive is available for the public.

NOTE: Please use your to post on the maintainers list.

There are also other mailing lists available:

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