Maintainer Retirement

This page details steps to be taken when a maintainer retires.

  1. Edit member status on wiki [1]
  2. Remove wiki membership [2]
  3. Remove build farm access [3]
  4. Remove wordpress access to web site [4]
  5. Remove mirror access [5]
  6. Remove any other special access member had [6]
  7. Unsubscribe from maintainers list and possibly others [7]
  8. Remove from SF GAR/SVN so can't commit [8]
  9. Mark as retired in package db [9]
  10. Remove the password for csw-upload-pkg, from the filesystem on login and from the password file in apache [10]
      1. /opt/csw/apache2/etc/maintainers.htpasswd on the web host
      2. /etc/opt/csw/releases/auth/${name} on the login host
  11. Reset the mantis status to 'normal'

[1] A wiki admin can do this (currently Peter Bonivart and Maciej Blizinski)
[2] Contact Peter Bonivart for this
[3] We have traditionally left the buildfarm account open, but this could be case by case
[4] Contact William Bonnet for this
[5] This is only in cases where the person had direct mirror access
[6] This would include build farm root access, admin access to 3rd-party-services, etc. Find replacements where needed.
[7] We have traditionally left this up to the person as the mail account is not closed
[8] We haven't been doing this, but we should. Contact Sebastian Kayser or Dagobert Michelsen for this
[9] Is handled by the retire-user script in the boardfiles git repository.
[10] This requires special access. Dagobert or Ben can handle the login password file. EDIT: Who should do the apache part?

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