Maintainer Status
Maintainer Date Action Completed
Ade Fewings 2012-04-15 doesn't do Solaris any more, retire Retired
Carlos Carenas 2012-04-15 ping answered, dormant ATM
David Rio Deiros 2012-04-15 ping sent
Dilip Mahadevappa 2012-04-15 ping sent; never packaged anything, intent was git-cola; i'd say drop/delete -bw Retired
Dominique Laigle 2012-04-18 ping sent
Eric Boutilier 2012-04-18 mail bounced, wrote in 2008 that he is too busy to maintain alpine any more, probably retire Retired
Gordon Marler 2012-04-18 ping sent
Greg Toombs 2012-04-18 ping sent
Ian Dickinson 2012-04-18 ping sent
Jens Deppe 2012-04-18 mail bounced, probably retire
Kayode Odeyemi 2012-04-18 keep, wants to work on OpenStack (drecute on IRC)
Lars Tobias Skjong-Børsting 2012-04-18 doesn't do Solaris any more, retire Retired
Liu Siwei 2012-04-18 ping sent
Luis Mejias 2012-04-18 ping sent
Markus Mayer 2012-04-18 ping sent
Murray Jensen 2012-04-18 ping answered, dormant ATM
Nicolai Schwindt 2012-04-18 ping sent
Prabakaran Thirumalai 2012-04-18 ping sent
Sarosh Jamal 2012-04-18 ping answered, actively working on "grass" package
Shawn Fletcher 2012-04-18 ping sent
Shawn McDermott 2012-04-18 ping sent
Wojciech Meler 2012-04-18 ping sent, resent on 2012-06-26
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