pkgutil -y -i postgresql93_server pg93_ip4r ap2_mod_asn route_views_data
svcadm enable cswpostgresql-93
su - postgres
psql template1
CREATE DATABASE mirrorbrain;
\c mirrorbrain;
psql -U postgres -f /opt/csw/share/doc/ap2_mod_asn/asn.sql mirrorbrain
exit (now root again)

vi /etc/opt/csw/asn_import.conf
user = mb
password = brain123
host = localhost
dbname = mirrorbrain

# asn_get_routeviews|asn_import

Add to /opt/csw/apache2/etc/httpd.conf:

DBDriver pgsql
DBDParams "host=localhost user=mb password=brain123 dbname=mirrorbrain connect_timeout=15"
Include etc/extra/mod_asn.conf

I am thinking of restructuring this as a whole now would be a good time.
At the moment we have „opencsw“ and „opencsw-official“ where the latter gets the
generation. I tend to have „opencsw“ synced back from mirror.opencsw.org and
„opencsw-new“ be the one generated. The generated one will have differences to
the one synced back. Here are some rough ideas on how I think it should be:

  1. generation on „web" as always
  2. catalogs are no longer files, but symlinks to a file with a timestamp. This is necessary as with the loadbalancer redirections to files should be consistent and having a file which changes in contents is really bad for this. The catalog is a symlink to the timestamped catalog file. This also allows better archiving if you don’t pull with —delete.
  3. For the mirrors to catch up the symlink is switched directly on „mirror“ roughly 6 hours after the catalog was pushed to the location from where the mirrors sync. This gives most mirrors the opportunity to sync up, see for stats Currently most of the traffic is catalog pulls which I want to offload by this action.
  4. For the mirmon-stats directly on „mirror“ a TIMESTAMP file is written to the topdir of opencsw/ allowing to get the freshness of a downstream mirror without the need to push catalog or other files. This TIMESTAMP is excluded from sync in the push done from web. Mirmon can automatically use these timestamp files, at the moment I am pulling the CREATINDATE from unstable catalog (dotsrc does not have unstable, so no date there). The TIMESTAMP is also more flexible as downstream mirrors can decide to only mirror a part.
  5. The current „mirror.opencsw.org“ is renamed to „download.opencsw.org“ where „mirror.opencsw.org“ gets you to the loadbalancer, see for demonstration Note the „Details“ link next to a real file. Additionally, a mirrorlist is generated automatically like (All not regularly synced at the moment, however, I find it interesting to see how europe-centric we are, that our mirror in denmark is not carrying unstable/ and we actually have two downstream mirrors who have allpkgs.

The catalog generation can be triggered by comparing the previous catalog to the new catalog just by putting it aside in bin/generate-unstable. By the way, I thought we didn’t use bldcat any more but produce the catalog directly?

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