New Website

There is work ongoing to replace our current website. Prototype available at, based on Wordpress. This page serves as a todo list and place to capture ideas / request WRT to features. Main focus: what needs to be done so that we can go live with the new website? Jump in, if you can lend a hand. Add/edit topics and put your name where you can help out.


Priority 1, must do before release

  • Verify that current links are preserved (at least the top-level ones, like /packages, /search, /standards, …)
    • william: I'll do the maintainers, packages and search page, it has to be integrated
    • maciej: I have a unit test to verify that it works
  • Integrate 'Recent package updates' listing/feed into the front page (william)

Priority 2, just after the release

  • Verify that internal links work fine (even when we switch from to,
  • Make sure backup is in place (ihsan)

Priority 3, later improvements

  • Check wording of WRT to the stable release (now that we didn't have in over a year)
  • Check pages and consistently place code tags around inline file names / commands Sebastian
  • Logo (unassigned)


Items that can be addressed later:

  • The "contribute packages" part under needs major rework so that it is navigateable (can we get rid of the drop down menu? can we have breadcrumbs?) and focuses more on jumpstarting new people with a common build system: GAR (while still preserving general, applicable background knowledge and CSW policies).
  • Add FAQ item "Why should i use over, or". A user just asked about this the other day.


  • Document (OpenCSW specific) configuration

Completed tasks

  • Add prominent links to information/support/feedback channels -> RSS, MLs, IRC visible on every page via the right navbar
  • Move release branch information to separate page and add information on testing ->
  • Prepare CSS for a multiline commands / file listings -> pre tags
  • Check pages and place pre tags around multi-line commands / file listings -> DONE
  • Add dynamic news / announcement sections to the front page -> DONE
  • Make download icon less dominant (prototype Sebastian
  • TOCs (static right now), best to replace them with one of the multitudes of TOC plugins for wordpress. Sebastian Added SEO Table plugin and customized style so that only H2 headers will be included in the TOC. Use the following snippet at the top of a page when you want to add a TOC: [toc title="Contents" hint="Contents" class="toc-right"]. Example page with TOC:
  • Adjust/replace the currently blue icons on the right (mail, irc) so that they fit into the overall greenish theme Sebastian Took two icons from the GPLed Dropline NEU icon theme.
  • Integrate or somehow link to existing package browser ( is static atm). That is to say, either:
  • Give the perma-links for first- and second-level pages a thought. Do we want to have and or rather and
      • Top-level single words
  • Move details about fork history from to a separate sub page . Currently, more than half of the history page focuses on the fork and quarrels.
    • Done. (william)
  • Address speed issues somehow. (new site is drastically slower than current site).
    • Done. The production site is faster than the mockup site.
  • Update to the most recent wordpress version
  • Fiddle with frontpage CSS so that it renders correctly in IE Sebastian (changed layout to a table … i know … it renders in IE now though, only the left padding of the table isn't honored in IE, so the frontpage content doesn't have the same left indentation as the other content pages)
  • Integrate some figures onto the front page / sidebar. ideas: nr. of packages, nr. maintainers, nr. build recipe commits ….
  • Remove small blue navbar on the upper right (the on with site admin link)
  • Install svn/git on the www box so that we can manage the wordpress installation in a VCS
  • Verify that pages are install tool neutral Peter
    • Done for most pages except build/standard pages that are horrible and need to be redone anyway


Package browser


  • Integrate SVN: link to GAR recipe (if present) for each package, link to commit changelog?
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