New Website Comments

This page is used to receive the comments from the maintainers about the new web site.

Please write here your comments. They will processed and if something to do on the web site is identified, a fix or task, it will be added to the new web site page

List of comments

  • cutting off the bottom of "CSW" seems not right.
  • Sebastian: The fixed pages still don't have a relationship to sub-menus. The top level menu is highlighted when you go to the package browser e.g., but the "software list" sub-menu is not. In comparison, when you click on one of the other, regular sub-menus, it will be highlighted.
  • W. : Add ldap backend for user management before initial release
  • Phil : The web site mockup is being significantly slower than current site. Speed issues need to be addressed BEFORE release.
    • old: ~1.5s to load
    • new: ~3s to load
    • What's the target time?
  • In the package browser, retired maintainers names are not links to their packages, a thing that would help see which packages needs fixing

List of fixed issues

  • Sebastian: Package page: URLs inter-linking the packages still refer to the package name instead of the software name (e.g. CSWcommon instead of common).
  • Sebastian: Pages like don't seem to be assigned to menu/sub-menu, so that when you click through the various sub-items of "Get it" for example, you will "loose" the sub-menu bar once you click on "Software list". Same for
  • Sebastian: When the packages page hits an internal exception it discloses DB details, could these be suppressed so that we don't leak information? Example from
  • bonivart: when you hover over updated package/new packages, months is spelled monthes.
  • Sebastian: Package page: package page for non-existing package displays empty template, could issue a notice like "No such package" instead (see
  • W. : Add latest released package page

List of issues that will be with the initial release

List of issues that will be with shortly after the initial release

  • peter: there is no more biographical division when reading a maintainer details.
  • Sebastian: The maintainers page lists several maintainers which haven't yet contributed packages Could we filter those so that a) there is an incentive to deliver packages and b) visitors don't get maintainer pages with 0 packages.
    • W. : It is possible, we have to decide what has to be done
  • Sebastian: File listing page takes long to load/render (e.g., in particular on Netbook CPUs. Putting all the files in one DIV instead of each one in a TD might render faster.
    • W. : I agree, but current website has the "table" stuff, so it is not a regression. I'd like to postpone it because i would like to add some dynamic research in the package with javascript, then it will turn to div. I don't think it is useful to delay the web site some more because of this.

List of issues that will be fixed in the future

The following list of issues are considered as evolution regarding to the current web site. They will not be fixed in the first version of the new web site.

  • Sebastian: A page with all the packages which are up for grabs would be good, just like today, just plus all the packages from retired maintainers also.
    • W. : This page need information that are not yet available from the database
  • Dago: It would be nice if every package page had an editable box for stuff like "How do I use this package? "What gotchas may I find by using this package?" Should be simply editable by the maintainer. It should take the contents now at
  • Benny: (Alphabetical) pager for the package page, same problem as above, slower rendering on slower CPUs
  • Benny: Please implement a "direct" download link for the package (arch/release separated) on its individual package page
    • W. : Needs more information in the database
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