Open Community Software Project Board

The OpenCSW board is a legal entity which represents the OpenCSW association according to its bylaws. Further, it provides guidance to the OpenCSW project and is the body which makes final decisions on technical disputes within the project. The board term is one year and voting is carried out by the association members during the annual meeting. The board was first called into life on 2008-12-06.

Current board members

  • Peter Felecan, President
  • Dagobert Michelsen, Treasurer
  • Carsten Grzemba, Secretary

Resolved technical discussions

Previous board members

The OpenCSW project would like to thank the people who have served on the previous boards.

Board 2009 and 2010:

  • President: Philip Brown
  • Treasurer: Ihsan Dogan
  • Secretary: Dagobert Michelsen

Board 2011 and 2012:

  • President: Ben Walton
  • Treasurer: Ihsan Dogan
  • Secretary: Maciej Blizinski

Board 2013 to mid 2014:

  • President: Peter Felecan
  • Treasurer: Ben Walton
  • Secretary: Maciej Blizinski
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