Processing Bugs

Processing bugs

If you receive bug reports please follow the outlined procedure when resolving them:

  1. Pick a bug (e.g. from the big bug list)
  2. Assign the bug to yourself
  3. Change the status to Feedback/Acknowledged/Confirmed depending on the contents
  4. Fix the bug
  5. Upload the fixed package to the unstable catalog using the csw-upload-pkg utility on login.
  6. Set status to Feedback to let reporter know there is an updated version and verify the fix in the bug report journal
  7. If the bug is not fixed go and retry fixing it
  8. If package is good set status to Resolved including the package version (e. g. "Fixed in 2.2.6,REV=2009.09.03_rev=a released to current/")
  9. Set status to Closed when the package hit the mirrors
  10. If the package in the testing catalog is broken, request a push on the maintainers mailing list.
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