Project Bugtracker

This projects aims at the renewal of the bugtracker. Currently Mantis is used at OpenCSW. Specifically the following goals should be addressed:

  • Command line tools to create and list bugs (via SOAP?)
  • Possibility to file bugs against a specific REV of a package (needed to find all bugs present in the packages of a specific catalog)
  • "Bundling" multiple packages from the same upstream software (like *, *_devel, *_doc and *_rt)
  • Integration in a page per bundle aggregating bugs and integration a wiki-page editable by the maintainer and link to the GAR recipe

The current favorite bugtracker is JIRA.

JIRA desktop Client - Lite version is free for open source projects

Information on importing from Mantis is available in the Atlassian documentation at

Project Status

  1. Installation: Done (
  2. Licensing: Done (non-commercial license granted)
  3. Add SSL and make HTTPS mandatory: Done (currently self-signed, move to CACERT when domain conflict issue is resolved)
  4. Migrate from builtin database to external database (Dago: Maybe the new postgres after release?)
  5. Install CROWD
  6. Copy over used accounts from Mantis as regular JIRA users
  7. Copy over maintainer accounts from Mantis as JIRA admins
  8. Bind JIRA to CROWD
  9. Set up JIRA projects ("OpenCSW bundles")
  10. Migrate bug reports from Mantis to JIRA
  11. Switch production to JIRA
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