Project Evince


needs a path


for DBUS

needs a in, depend on CSWdbus

pkgutil -i CSWdbus

for DVI Documents

needs installed TEX environment for create fonts, etc


for CUPS printing

add cupsclient:

# pkgutil -i cupsclient
# pkguitl -i gtk2_printbackends_cups

and ad ServerName <FQDN> in /etc/opt/csw/cups/client.conf


GIO FAM backend makes problems,. This problem I have also seen with OpenOffice:

bash-4.2$ pstack core
core 'core' of 5493: evince
fe132cb0 strlen (fa3e6499, ffbff748, ffbfed59, 0, 0, 0) + 50
fe1a15bc vfprintf (fe2475ac, fa3e6488, ffbff744, f963c, a0ef4, 0) + d0
fa3e4d70 gam_error (18, 490, 0, fa3e6488, 400, 6d958) + a4
fa3e495c gamin_fork_server (fa3e53f0, 0, fe3d2b40, ffbff754, fffeffa4, ff) + 170
fa3e17f0 gamin_connect_unix_socket (2e81e8, a, fa3f64e4, fa3e5090, c000, ffbff7b8) + d0
fa3e25fc FAMOpen (2e2a68, 0, fa3f6970, fa3f68dc, 48c, 400) + 94

quick an dirty workaround: remove:

 pkgrm CSWgio-fam-backend

Help not work

click on links in documents will not launch the web browser

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