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This page is a quick list to allow people interested in updating/taking over GNOME packages, to tell other maintainers, "I'm working on this package at the moment". Also, if you make any progress with package building, even if it doesn't build yet, but you have a patch that fixes a particular problem, commit it to the repository early.

The idea is two-fold:

1. to not waste effort
2. to see when someone has fallen behind, and needs someone else to take up the slack.

Who is working on what

Name Date GNOME Package(s) working on Completed
Dagobert 2009/04/14 libcairo 2010/xx/xx
Dagobert 2009/04/14 poppler 2010/xx/xx
Dagobert 2009/04/14 spectre
Dagobert 2009/04/14 libatk 2010/xx/xx
Dagobert 2009/04/14 pango 2010/xx/xx
Phil 2010/05/14 gtk+ 2010/06/01
hson 2010/01/25 gconf2
hson 2010/01/25 gnomevfs2
hson 2010/01/25 goocanvas
phil 2010/06/23 gtksourceview 2010/06/25
hson 2010/01/25 libgda
hson 2010/01/25 libgoffice
hson 2010/01/25 libgsf
hson 2010/01/25 libunique
hson 2010/01/25 libsoup
hson 2010/01/25 json-glib
benny 2010/03/09 gstreamer
benny 2010/03/09 gstplugins
benny 2010/03/09 gstplugins_bad
benny 2010/03/09 gstplugins_good
benny 2010/03/09 gstplugins_ugly
benny 2010/03/09 gnomemedia
benny 2010/03/23 libgnomekbd
benny 2010/??/?? control_center
yourname 2010/mm/dd CSWgnomefo….

Packages that need update

  • glib2
  • gconf2
  • orbit2
  • libbonobo2
  • libbonoboui
  • gnomevfs2
  • libgnome
  • libgsf (needed by goffice needed by gnucash)

Please note that if you are a generous person who wants to be on "the gnome team", you can effectively make yourself a member of it, by telling the wiki to "watch" this page, and auto-email you if anyone edits it.

Package Build Order

  1. What comes next?
  2. ???
  3. libgnomecanvas
  4. gtksourceview
  5. libbonobo2
  6. gnome-mime-data
  7. gconf (just to get rid of tha .la file!)
  8. gnomevfs2
  9. libgnome
  10. libbonoboui
  11. libgnomeui
  12. — And then could rebuild gedit with all new lib foundation! ( gnomeprint rebuild optional?)
  13. — After that, some useful common libs:
  14. gnomedesktop
  15. -and then eel
  16. libgsf (does not depend on gnomedesktop)
  17. -and then gnucash, gnumeric, nautilus

Side note: theoretically, glade3 is out. but that requires gtk 2.20. which requires newer glib

Top level packages for gnome_minimal, that could use version updating

  1. control_center
  2. gnomedesktop
  3. gnomemedia
  4. gnome_applets
  5. gnome_dtlogin
  6. gnome_panel
  7. gnome_session
  8. gnome_terminal
  9. gnome_themes
  10. gnome_utils (could use libgtop update)
  11. gtk_engines
  12. metacity
  13. nautilus
  14. scrollkeeper
  15. shared_mime_info (separate from gnomemime2 for some reason. but also not too badly out of date)
  16. yelp (could use a firefox that isnt dependent on cswx11)

Note that almost all of them, except for yelp and gnome_utils, dont depend on much that isnt already done

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