Project Graphviz

Project lead: John Ellson, completed by Laurent Blume

The graphviz-2.28.0 packages is supposedly ready for use, but they are currently blocked from release because of a dependency from ImageMagick on libgvc from the older graphviz-2.26.3.

In graphviz-2.28.0, libgvc (and the other libs) have been packaged separately, so that in future they can be parallel installed with older versions, but for this release, the idea was to rebuild ImageMagick (32bit only) against the new graphviz and then release both packages simultaneously.

OK in theory, but many problems with rebuilding ImageMagick in the presence of extensive GAR methodology changes and other broken dependencies on the unstable9[xs] hosts.

  • libxml2 is not the same on unstable9[xs] as on current9[sx]. Trying to repackage libxml2 fails.
  • librsvg has some problems (might be linked to

Other graphviz bugs:

  • problem reported on unstable9s with LAsi plugin (PostScript with Unicode support) - unable to reproduce on i386 host.
  • 64 bit binaries wanted

Current development goals

  • 64 bit version of graphviz packages in support of
  • lua language extension - need lua to provide a pkg-config/lua.pc
  • php language extension - needs "php" to be in the $PATH when graphviz' ./configure is run. I haven't been able to coerce configure to look in /opt/csw/php5/bin (Does GAR restrict $PATH when building packages?), so would like php5 to provide a softlink: /opt/csw/bin/php -> /opt/csw/php5/bin/php. But then php5 won't repackage trivially due to GAR changes.


  • Now that I have a shiny new Solaris-10 virtual host (on KVM and Fedora15 x86_64) I'd like to rebuild OpenCSW compatible graphviz packages every night from the latest development sources. The idea is to make the binary packages available on . So I'm trying to workout how to set up my Solaris vhost as a private build host.

Howto notes

  • How to install experimental packages:

pkgutil -t -y -i graphviz

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