Project ImageMagick 64 Bit

Building ImageMagick 64 Bit

Project lead: Roger Hakansson, completed by Laurent Blume

The packages already finished can be viewed at

  • librsvg
    • needs gconf2
      • requires polkit (a new package)
        • need gobject-introspection (new)
          • needs updated glib (Rafael Ostertag, Requested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.24.0' but version of GLib is 2.23.5)
  • Expect itself is a chapter of its own, I've not managed to build and package it cleanly, the package I managed to build (it is a required update since its linked to tcl and tk, which graphviz needs and they were not 64-bit…) I had to make a lot of manual steps before I got to a package. And one thing I have no idea how to solve with gar, expect requires some header files from the tcl and tk dist which tcl and tk doesn't install, so basically you're expected to have access to the build-dirs for tcl and tk when building expect. One could solve it by building tcl and tk in the expect-workdir, but that seems silly to me…

At this point I've went through these ImageMagick-prereq packages so far and what I've done.

Packages which needs to be repackaged for 64-bit

  • graphviz (John Ellson)
  • gts (John Ellson)
  • liblasi (Dago): Done
  • gd (Roger Håkansson) Released 2.0.35,REV=2010.02.16
  • libgsf (Retired, Roger Håkansson will assume maintainership)
  • ghostscript (James Lee)
  • python (Maciej Blizinski)
  • libbonobo2 (Dago): Done
  • krb5_lib (Maciej): Done
  • ilmbase (Roger Håkansson) Released 1.0.1,REV=2010.02.27
  • openexr (Roger Håkansson) 1.6.1,REV=2010.03.04
  • djvulibre (Retired, Roger Håkansson will assume maintainership) 3.5.22,REV=2010.03.17
  • lcms (Dago): Done
  • libfpx (Dago, was: James Lee), redone in GAR
  • wmf (Roger Håkansson) Released,REV=2010.02.27
  • librsvg (Dago): Done
  • tk (Igor Galic): in progress
  • tcl (Igor Galic): in progress
  • expect (Retired, Roger Håkansson will assume maintainership)

Packages which needs to be updated for other reasons

  • tiff, relink against (James Lee) 3.9.2,REV=2010.03.14
  • glib2, polkit requires 2.21.3 or later (Chad Harp) — 2.23.5,REV=2010.03.09
  • orbit2, libbonobo2 requires libname-server2.a— (Dagobert Michelsen): Done

New packages which are dependencies for other packages

  • eggdbus (Roger Håkansson)
  • polkit (Roger Håkansson)
  • gnome-mime-data (Roger Håkansson)
  • gobject-introspection (Roger Håkansson)

Package status

  • tiff: garified, repackage fix for dependency, committed to GAR
  • ghostscript: garified for same reason as tiff, but some dependences (krb5_lib and libcups) not 64-bit, committed to GAR
  • libfpx: garified and upgraded to 1.3.0, committed to GAR, built packages in experimental
  • tcl: Update to 8.5.7 and 64-bit, committed to GAR, built package in experimental
  • tk: Update to 8.5.7 and 64-bit, committed to GAR, needs installed tcl to proceed
  • expect: garified, committed to GAR, however will not build and package without manual steps due to expect requiring access to source code for tcl and tk
  • graphviz: 64-bit updates, committed to GAR, I've spoken to John Ellson and he will repackage as soon as all deps (tk, liblasi, gts, gd) are ok
  • liblasi: Same as graphviz, pending updated libpango
  • gts: Same as graphviz, built package in experimental
  • libidl: 64-bit update (Dago: done)
  • libpango: Only fix is what I wrote in my bug report, committed to GAR, built package in experimental
  • libgsf: Update to 1.14.11 and 64-bit , committed to GAR, pending updated gconf2, gnomevfs2 and libbonobo2
  • libffi: garified, committed to GAR, needs SOS12 to build
  • libdbus: 64-bit, committed to GAR and released 1.3.1,REV=2010.07.04
  • dbus-glib: 64-bit (Dago): Done
  • libbonobo2: 64-bit (Dago): Done
  • glib2: Upgrade to 2.28.x, committed to GAR, (Rafel Ostertag): Done
  • gmimedata: garified, committed to GAR, built package in experimental
  • orbit2: Done

Work still in progress (some are just waiting for some deps to be finished:

  • eggdbus: garified, committed to GAR, pending updated libdbus
  • policykit: garified, committed to GAR, pending updated glib2
  • gconf2: committed to GAR, pending policykit
  • gnomevfs2: committed to GAR, pending updated krb5_lib and gmimedata
  • librsvg: committed to GAR, pending updated gnomevfs, gconf2

My own packages which I've updated but not released yet

  • openexr: : committed to GAR, pending updated ilmbase
  • lcms: committed to GAR, pending updated tiff
  • djvulibre: committed to GAR, pending updated tiff

Released packages

  • gd: 2.0.35,REV=2010.02.16
  • wmf:,REV=2010.02.27
  • ilmbase: 1.0.1,REV=2010.02.27

Packages which I've not yet even started looking at:

  • krb5_lib (rebuilt by Maciej)
  • libcups (depends on krb5, Maciej is active so I'll leave it to him)

Other info

  • tcl,tk and expect must be released at the same time, but we probably need to check how a new release affect packages depending on them (maybe include old libraries in package). Igor is working on this. Additionally, besides the 8.5 update the 8.4 libs need to stay or old stuff breaks.
  • libpango, graphviz,liblasi,gts,libdbus,dbus-glib,glib2,tiff,ghostscript and libfpx all have active maintainers (packages from James need garification/release) who could release packages as soon as I commit and deps are packaged, released and installed.
  • libffi, Mike is on sabbatical, Maciej has this almost done after gcc
  • libbonobo2,gconf2,libgsf,gnomevfs2 all belongs to inactive maintainers so I guess I'll just take over them.

Package installation order (package which requires X)

  1. tiff (libcups, ghostscript, djvulibre, imagemagick), tcl (tk)
  2. tk (expect, graphviz)
  3. expect (libffi)
  4. libffi (python, gobject-introspection)
  5. python (gobject-introspection), libdbus (eggdbus, dbus-glib)
  6. glib2 (polkit), eggdbus (polkit), gobject-introspection (polkit),
  7. dbus-glib (libbonobo2), polkit (gconf2), gmimedata (gnomevfs2), krb5_lib (gnomevfs2, ghostscript), libcups (ghostscript), libpango (liblasi)
  8. ilmbase (openexr) , libbonobo2 (librsvg), gonf2 (libgsf), gnomevfs2 (libgsf, librsvg), , ghostscript (graphviz, imagemagick), gd (graphviz), gts (graphviz), liblasi (graphviz)
  9. libgsf (librsvg), graphviz (imagemagick), djvulibre(imagemagick), lcms (imagemagick), libfpx (imagemagick), openexr (imagemagick), wmf (imagemagick)
  10. librsvg (imagemagick)
  11. imagemagick…
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