Project Kerberos64


The packages must be build in a specific order as Kerberos allows storing information in an LDAP repository and OpenLDAP allows authentication with Kerberos. To break this circle there is separate GAR recipe just for the Kerberos libraries with minimal dependencies which needs to be build first.

  1. Build Kerberos libraries with minimal dependencies (done)1
  2. Build OpenLDAP2 (See Project OpenLDAP)
    1. Needs CSWtcpwrappers (done with 64 bit, new version in testing, TBD: support for alternatives)
    2. Needs CSWsasl, which needs 64 bit postgres and mysql bindings, TBD: wrong lib location lookup for 64 bit
  3. Build remaining Kerberos packages with full dependencies3

Location of configuration files

The user expected it to look in the solaris-documented location for krb5.conf(4)


It would appear to check


however, it should probably look in


(check all local locations, in that order, and then as a last-ditcheffort, check for a "global" one)4

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