Project libPNG

Packages depending on libpng 1.5 needing to be updated for 1.6

note: This is for 5.10, what do we do on 5.9? Follow the same table and put two status columns? Or need a separate list?

Package Status Maintainer Comment
dia To Do Dagobert -
emacs athena To Do Peter -
emacs gtk To Do Peter -
fax2png To Do Dagobert -
feh To Do Dagobert -
freeciv To Do Jake -
gdk pixbuf To Do Rafael -
ghostscript To Do Dagobert -
gnustep gui To Do Riccardo -
graphicsmagick To Do Laurent
gstplugins good To Do Carsten
hatari To Do Jake
htmldoc To Do Dagobert
imagemagick To Do Laurent
inkscape To Do
jbig2dec To Do
leocad To Do
libcairo2 To Do
libcairomm To Do
libcupsimage2 To Do
libgd2 To Do
libgd3 To Do
libgdal1 To Do
libgs9 To Do
libimlib2 To Do
libkate_utils To Do
liblept3 To Do
libpodofo0 To Do
libpoppler37 To Do ?
libpoppler43 To Do Rafael
libpoppler46 To Do
libpoppler_cpp0 To Do
libpoppler_glib8 To Do
libsox2 To Do
libtracker_extract0 To Do
libwraster3 WIP Laurent by Riccardo
mencoder To Do
mplayer To Do
netpbm To Do
openjpeg To Do Laurent
png stub Obsoleted - -
r_base To Do
scummvm_tools To Do
texlive_binaries To Do Peter
texlive_luatex To Do
tracker To Do
transfig To Do
webp To Do
wxwidgetsgtk2 To Do Laurent
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