Project Migration

SourceForge has announced the deprecation of hosted apps, which boils down for us as "no more Trac at SF". As effort is needed anyway it would be a good time to change things thought about as too intrusive in the past. This page should discuss the options with pros/cons, detailed migration steps and describe the tasks involved.

Proposed Changes

Switch from SVN to Git


  • More flexible tool
    • better commits with git add -p
    • stash work in progress easily
    • non-public branching for experimentation
  • Distributed - offline work
  • Smaller footprint on the buildfarm - ~1.7G w/svn vs 703M w/git (I'm comparing a mostly clean svn checkout with an entirely clean git clone)


  • Harder to enforce published changes to recipes (committed != pushed).
  • Some maintainers may not know git yet - learning curve
  • Tool updates required - mgar, etc

Open issues:

  • The current layout with mgar/pkg/*/{branches,tags,trunk} is not well suited for Git and should be reorganized in some way
    • Could be fixed with git filter-branch automatically?

TBD in case of approval:

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