Project Python2 libdir

[this project is obsolete - the issue has been solved in a different way, allowing for a gradual migration]

This project is intended to correct the library directory used by python 2.x so that modules making bad assumptions aren't negatively impacted by our directory layout.

At some point in the past, the python package had it's library directory changed from /opt/csw/lib/python2.X/ to /opt/csw/lib/python/. It seems that it isn't uncommon for a module to assume the former and then encounter either glitches or entire failures upon encountering our setup. A case in point is virtualenv.

I (bw) believe that the original impetus for the library directory change was to avoid the need to re-roll all python library packages every time a minor version update was released. For many modules this would be fine. For binary modules it is a (potentially) flawed strategy as the interfaces may change from release to release which could break the binary modules.

We have four classes of python module packages currently.

  1. Legacy modules that deliver module files to /opt/csw/lib/python2.x where x < 6 (the current released python is 2.6.8).
  2. Modules that deliver to the lib/python2.6 directory regardless of settings in our file.
  3. Modules that deliver to lib/python as defined in
  4. Modules for the test python3 packages.

For the purposes of this project, we will ignore the python3 modules as they're not affected. Legacy modules will be either updated or dropped as appropriate. Modules that deliver their files to lib/python2.6 already will either be ignored or left until the end. They should work with the updated python packages anyway.

Below is a list of packages in each group:

Packages delivering to /opt/csw/lib/python/

Pakcage Name Maintainer In experimental/python26-lib? Notes
CSWgitosis Ben Walton x
CSWpy-libxml2 Ben Walton
CSWdenyhosts Benny von Mossner x
CSWpy-cairo Carsten Grzemba
CSWpy-gobject Carsten Grzemba
CSWpy-gtk Carsten Grzemba
CSWpy-netsnmp Carsten Grzemba
CSWcherrypy Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWcvs2svn Dagobert Michelsen
CSWgenshi Dagobert Michelsen
CSWmanifold Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-argparse Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWpy-chardet Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWpy-curl Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-dpkt Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWpy-geoip Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWpy-html5lib Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-lcms Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-libkate Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-libpacparser Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-lxml Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-m2crypto Dagobert Michelsen x
CSWpy-markdown Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-openid Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-ordereddict Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-ply Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-qpid Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-rrdtool Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-scapy Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-setproctitle Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-simplejson Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-south Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-talloc Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpy-xapian Dagobert Michelsen
CSWpyaugeas Dagobert Michelsen
CSWuniconvertor Dagobert Michelsen
CSWfetchmailconf James Lee
CSWpy-django-tagging Jon Craig x
CSWpy-django-auth-ldap Kester Habermann x
CSWpy-django-filter Kester Habermann x
CSWpy-django-sorting Kester Habermann x
CSWpy-ldap Kester Habermann x
CSWpy-xlrd Kester Habermann
CSWap2modpython Maciej Blizinski
CSWbeautifulsoup Maciej Blizinski
CSWcswutils Maciej Blizinski
CSWidle Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-amara Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-antlr Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-bridge Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-cheetah Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-cjson Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-dbutils Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-django Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-docutils Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-flup Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-formencode Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-gdata Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-gflags Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-google-apputils Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-graph Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-guppy Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-hachoir-core Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-hachoir-parser Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-jinja2 Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-libmagic Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-logilab-astng Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-logilab-common Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-mechanize Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-mock Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-mongo Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-mongoengine Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-mox Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-mysql Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-nose Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-numpy Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-openssl Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-pexpect Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-pil Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-progressbar Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-protobuf Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-psycopg2 Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-pygments Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-soappy Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-sphinx Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-sqlalchemy Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-sqlobject Maciej Blizinski x
CSWpy-suds Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-textile Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-twisted Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-unittest2 Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-virtualenv Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-webpy Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-yaml Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-yaml-rt Maciej Blizinski
CSWpy-zope-interface Maciej Blizinski
CSWpychecker Maciej Blizinski
CSWpylint Maciej Blizinski
CSWpysetuptools Maciej Blizinski x (Updated naming convention)
CSWpysqlite2 Maciej Blizinski
CSWpysvn Maciej Blizinski
CSWpython Maciej Blizinski
CSWpython-dev Maciej Blizinski
CSWpython-test Maciej Blizinski
CSWpython-tk Maciej Blizinski
CSWpyxcbproto Maciej Blizinski
CSWsupybot Maciej Blizinski
CSWdbuspython Mike Watters
CSWpyxml Murray Jensen
CSWipython Oliver Kiddle
CSWpy-dateutil Oliver Kiddle
CSWpy-gnuplot Oliver Kiddle
CSWpy-tz Oliver Kiddle
CSWnamebench Peter Bonivart
CSWpilot-link-python Peter Felecan
CSWpy-libproxy Roger Hakansson
CSWpy-msgpack-python Romeo Theriault
CSWpy-pyzmq Romeo Theriault
CSWpy-salt Romeo Theriault
CSWmercurial Rupert Thurner
CSWpy-subvertpy Rupert Thurner
CSWtrac Rupert Thurner
CSWpy-boto Sebastian Kayser
CSWpy-crypto Sebastian Kayser x
CSWpy-irclib Sebastian Kayser
CSWpy-mako Sebastian Kayser x
CSWpy-paramiko Sebastian Kayser x
CSWpy-quixote Sebastian Kayser
CSWpy-twill Sebastian Kayser
CSWpy-twittertools Sebastian Kayser
CSWpy-xdg Sebastian Kayser
CSWpyfpconst Sebastian Kayser
CSWpycs Unnamed Maintainer
CSWpymxbase Unnamed Maintainer

Legacy modules delivering files to /opt/csw/lib/2.x (x < 6)

  • CSWsip
  • CSWgnomemenus
  • CSWvte

Packages delivering files to /opt/csw/lib/python2.6/

  • CSWdistcc
  • CSWpy-libxslt
  • CSWpydes
  • CSWplucker
  • CSWpyzor
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