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This page takes precedence over the old project,

The goal is to provide a more up-to-date X11 layer, than what ships with native FCS Solaris X11 libraries.

We are looking to "reload" the CSW X11 project, because of the issue of Sun X11, and 3d x acceleration.
Overview of the current plan is as follows:

  • SPLIT packages, for X11 linked dependancies of firefox.
    • libs that were previously rebuilt against CSW X11 and moved under /opt/csw/X11, will be moved back under /opt/csw/lib, and linked against Sun X
    • Have the "new x" libraries be moved to packages prefixed with "cx", and stay in /opt/csw/X11.
  • We will attempt to rebuild latest firefox against "standard(sun)" X11 lib chain.

In the future, anything under /opt/csw/X11, should be prefixed by cx. Anything else, should not even look in /opt/csw/X11 at all.

The good news is, Dagobert has volunteered to do the rebuilding of the important dependancies of firefox.

Estimated list of critical graphics-related dependancies for firefox.

Download project packages from experimental/

Software name Repackage Status person working on it Comment
sunx11_devel Done Phil New package, containing new x11.pc,renderproto.pc, and misc. headers
libxrender Done Ben
libxpm Done(ish) (william is existing maintainer) Phil has done quick rerelease of "CSWxpm"
gd x Rupert?
pm_gd x x Currently broken due to mixed x11 libs, rebuild after gd
freetype2 (doesn't link to X11) dam (but needs 'gd' to be cleansed)
fontconfig (doesn't link to X11) dam (but needs 'gd' to be cleansed)
libcairo done dam Done. Make sure prerequisites are up to date: — firefox3 modern, MUST HAVE cairo-xlib-xrender.
glib2 (doesn't link to X11) dam needs.. not much!
orbit2 (doesn't link to X11) dam depends on glib2, but does not need recompile?
libatk (doesn't link to X11) dam depends on glib2. does not need recompile?
libpango x dam (Phil quickie package v1.28)
gtk2 x x Phil has provided quickie v2.18
gconf2 x x (needs pango,glib2,cairo,ftype2
libgnome x x
libdbus x x
dbus_glib x x
imlib2 x dam Links against CSWx11, needs recompile, depends on freetype2

non-firefox recompiles

Software name Repackage Status person working on it Comment
emacs,emacs_gtk) x x
imagemagick x x
imlib2 x x
libproxy_gnome,kde x x
libsdl x x
libwmf x x
wmf x x
pidgin x x
startup_notif x x
thunderbird x x
uxrvt x x

Current difficulties:

gtk runtime issues: (it says gimp, but is actually gtk/glib level)

(gimp:2646): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: FAMOpen failed, FAMErrno=0
(gimp:2646): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to find default local directory monitor type

This is all libfam based problems.

"solved"… our CSWfam package isnt registering the fam demon properly in inetd/rpc on sol10. needed to run inetconv to fix. Although we have replaced/upgraded it with gamin at the moment, and that isnt very happy either. Hmm..

Where to go after this:

Possibly port LXDE?
Would need to start with OpenBox window manager, which requires at minimum, basic xlibs, glib2, libxml2, pango. ( DONE )

Newer VLC. Hmm, but that requires QT4

Future difficulties and hacks:

libXcomposite (we dont need this?)

If anything requires libXcomposite, that will be a problem. libXcomposite "requires" libXfixes, which requires libXext version 7.
However, all is not lost. We could provide a stub libXfixes, which just always returns "not available". Which would then allow libXcomposite to *compile* at least.
Odd/stupid thing is… libXcomposite, DOES NOT EVEN CALL anything in libXfixes, so why the @#$@$ does it "require" libXfixes?
Only because the header file has #include <X11/extensions/Xfixes.h> it would seem….?
Yup. according to, it just needs a typedef from there. ARRRG!
Well in a way that is good(?) news, it would make libXcomposite easier to fake :)

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