Release Dublin

The different issues can be tracked on the Roadmap.


Here is a list of issues that is open for discussion to be included in the upcoming OpenCSW release "Dublin":

  • Package names and splitting complies to packaging-shared-libraries (To be continued in "Kiel")
  • Package names comply to the naming standard for development packages (To be continued in "Kiel")
  • ImageMagick64 (Done, only bindings to 64 bit Perl and 64 bit GraphViz are missing)
  • Up-to-date gcc4

Known issues

  • The following packages contain binaries that are missing their shared libraries:
    • CSWclaws-pdfviewer
    • CSWgstpluginsbad
    • CSWhobbit (rebuild J├╝rgen?)
    • CSWlibgtkhtml
    • CSWlibsoup (no rdeps, drop?)
    • CSWpstoeditrt (Peter Felecan)
    • CSWsaneback
    • CSWxcdroast
    • CSWxsave
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