Release Manager
This is an old document. As of 2013-09-07, there is no Release Manager role in the infrastructure and/or community. Releases are managed by the Automated Release Process.

Before voting on the issue of a Release Manager, it seems good to define what one is.

Qualifications and Qualities

  • A release manager should be interested and willing to dig into details of packaging, both in general, and for a specific package
  • A release manager should have experience in "enterprise" level software release process
  • A release manager should be equally concerned with the use cases for individual users, as well as large scale enterprise users.
  • A release manager needs to be capable of saying "no" to pushy maintainers, when there is an unresolved issue with a package.
  • A release manager needs to have enough patience to discuss an issue in depth, to attempt to find a "best solution", rather than "most convenient"


  • Should normally respond to emails and release-related requests within one business day
  • Depending on size of queue, should process or respond to submitted packages within 24-48 hours
  • Should initially attempt to discuss any issues with packages, with the maintainer
  • Should uphold existing written policy, but also consider where there needs to be extension, correction, or revision, to policy


  • Holds the release key, or a mechanism to use the release key
  • Has the authority to hold packages until either their concerns are resolved, or until a maintainer vote determines that the issue does not warrant stopping package release
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