Summercamp 2009 Minutes

OpenCSW Technical Summer Camp – Meeting Minutes

Project Details Responsible
Buildfarm Maciej installed Buildbot on his machine.
Trygve & Maciej are building an automated build environment.
Build standards page should mention Gar.
Gar is a must for new maintainers.
Non-maintainers can get access to the buildfarm (upstream maintainers) → should be mentioned on the website.
Classutils Update wiki page (SAMPLECONF)
Move scripts from /usr to /opt
Website First step goal: one-to-one migration to Wordpress
Overall Goals:
Blog & News
Good navigation for users
Developers area
Preserving URL
License Apache License → commercial friendly
OpenCSW will get a copy
Signed agreement & passport copy
Build description: CDDL
Copyright statement
Ihsan & Trygve will work a proposal
Maintainers All maintainers should be on the pkgrequests list
add to the subscribing process
All maintainers should be on the buglist list
Clarify the maintainers status
Separate package and maintainer status
“Thank you” note for retired maintainers
Whenever a maintainers retirers, all his accounts should be deleted
William is going to change uwatch. Instead of sendind an e-mail, it will open a bug
Ihsan, Trygve
Release Process Need for Managers?
We need a SLA manager
Mybe for defined duration like 6 months ?
SLA Manager
Ensure that maintainer respect the commitments of tier 1 package
Tier 1: Criteria
At least one active maintainer per package Packages buld descriptinons must be in GAR Within 6 months for existing packages Important to give tue end user the possibility to recompile it (independance and security) Check to way to define it, but be careful about the number of packages per maintainer
Report asap the issue in mantis (creation of a security category)
Security release process within a week
Updated with a month for new release in testing in two weeks and one month in stable
Tier 2: Criteria
Tier 3 is the rest
no criteria
no commitment
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