Summercamp 2010


Summer Camp 2010 will be our fourth installment of the Camp series. These camps provide an opportunity for maintainers and other interested people to meet in person and work together more closely. They have been extremely beneficial for addressing pending issues and improving the OpenCSW experience.


The OpenCSW Summer Camp will take place in Paris area (France), in the city of Puteaux (92, La défense).


  • 14th and 15th of August 2010
  • Arrivals on Friday, Camp on Saturday/Sunday. The possibility to have a meeting on the friday afternoon will be evaluated, depending on arrival time.


Please book one of the following hotel (website in several languages) (recommended)

  • choose hotel in Puteaux

Transfer to/from airport is approx. 1 hrs, from Paris main train stations is approx 1hrs (more information will be given).


General Questions (Schedule etc): William Bonnet, wbonnet @, +33-689-376-977
Local contacts in Paris/France: William (details see above), Peter Felecan pfelecan @



  • Friday evening Dinner & Socializing (optional)
  • Heading to the hotel together


Chairman: Maciej Bliziński

  • Decommissioning Solaris 9
  • Supported setups (Sparse zones/NFS/classutils)
  • Release process (alternative approaches to a new stable/)
  • Board election organization


Chairman: Maciej Bliziński

  • Package database
  • Package name length limitation
  • checkpkg presentation
  • Release process (again)
  • GPG key signing party
  • Web site contents
  • Statistics collection (lutefisk + more)
  • Board arbitrations / decision processes
  • Recruiting new maintainers
  • Automatic builds
  • Next packaging steps


  • William Bonnet
  • Peter Felecan
  • Dagobert Michelsen
  • Maciej Bliziński
  • Ihsan Dogan
  • Dominique Laigle

Hacking sessions:

  • Working on the website (feeds, forum, etc.)
  • Packaging Kerberos
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