Summercamp 2011

Summer Camp 2011 will be our sixth installment of the Camp series series. These camps provide an opportunity for maintainers and other interested people to meet in person and work together more closely. They have been extremely beneficial for addressing pending issues and improving the OpenCSW experience.


Summercamp 2011 will be held in Kiel, Germany.


The weekend of 24./25. September 2011 (as determined via Doodle1).


  • Dagobert Michelsen: whole time
  • Peter Bonivart: Thursday evening to Sunday, staying at Nordic Hotel Astor
  • Maciej Bliziński: Friday evening to Sunday evening
  • Ihsan Dogan: Friday afternoon to Monday noon, staying at Nordic Hotel Astor
  • Rafael Ostertag: Friday afternoon to Monday noon
  • Sebastian Kayser: Friday morning (09:36am) to Sunday evening (7:21pm)
  • Jan Holzhüter: Saturday and Sunday
  • Jörg Schilling: Friday to Sunday


Baltic Online Computer GmbH
Alter Markt 1-2

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Kiel does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Hamburg (HAM), from there you can either take a S-Bahn and Train or a direct "Kielius" Bus Shuttle to the central bus station in Kiel (Timetable). The central bus station is in walking distance to our office and the hotels.

Alternatively you can use the train, Kiel has some ICE connections. The train station is adjacent to the central bus station, so same goes here for walking distance.


In order to stay in one place, it's best to choose the Nordic Hotel "Astor". Is is pretty decent, requires a 5 minute walk to the office and is very affordable. Alternatively you can stay at the "Steigenberger", which also needs a 5 minute walk. It is a bit nicer, but also more expensive.

Nordic Hotel "Astor" (preferred)

I have a special rate with booking code "OpenCSW" for 65 Euro incl. breakfast per night for a single room with 8 rooms guaranteed until 3rd September.

Holstenplatz 1-2
24103 Kiel
Telefon: +49 (0) 431 - 99 79 0

Steigenberger Hotel Kiel

Fallback, a bit more expensive.

Suggestions for touristic byprogram

  • The Computermuseum Kiel has lots of vintage hardware including old Zuse gear.
  • Watch a show in the Mediendom, it is in direct vicinity to the Computermuseum. We can probably get a behind-the-scenes tour to the imaging hardware.
  • Go to Get Digital to look for cool stuff - like ThinkGeek, usually only mail order, but we probably can visit the store.
  • Visit of the local brewery "Klosterbrauerei"
  • Visit of the best Guinness Pub west of Dublin "Wubbke"
  • Visit the U995 Submarine



**Thursday, 2011-09-22

Evening: Discussion around pkgutil (Peter, Dago)

**Friday, 2011-09-23

9:00 Baltic Online: Hacking session
20:00 Dinner at Mikes (with partners)

**Saturday, 2011-09-24

9:00 Baltic Online: Hacking session
19:00 Guided tour to the computer museum
21:00 Visit the Mediendome: U2 360°

**Sunday, 2011-09-25

09:00 - 12:00 OpenCSW Meeting: Organizational things


  • Progress on named releases
    • Identify missing pieced for release "Dublin"
    • How / when to introduce backward-incompatible changes
  • The plan for the stable release
  • Hacking session
  • Make packages directly downloadable from the primary mirror
  • Advanced GAR: AUXV linkage in GAR, $ISALIST, LD_OPTIONS (dago)
  • Monitoring maintainer status and detecting maintainer inactivity
  • Community building
    • Recruiting new package maintainers
    • Promoting GAR
  • Inner workings of the pkgdb and checkpkg (presentation by Maciej)
  • With limited manpower, we need to make decisions about what we work on. Let's discuss how do we proceed and what are the priorities (if there are any).
  • Catalog layout
  • Garbage collecting files from allpkgs
  • Repair Solaris 8 catalog due to remove/add on csw-upload-pkg
  • Dropping Solaris 9 support
  • Activate new mirror server (Move scripts, DNS,, statistics)

Meeting minutes

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