Summercamp 2012



Winter Camp 2012 will be our 8th installment of the Camp series. These camps provide an opportunity for maintainers and other interested people to meet in person and work together more closely. They have been extremely beneficial for addressing pending issues and improving the OpenCSW experience.

The OpenCSW Winter Camp will take place near Munich/Germany, in a small conference hotel a bit into the mountains.


  • Doodle poll results
  • Friday 9.11.2012 - Sunday 11.11.2012.
  • Arrivals on Thursday evening or Friday, Camp on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Seminar venue and hotel are combined this time.

Hotel Jäger von Fall
Ludwig Ganghofer Str. 8
D-83661 Lenggries Fall
Tel: +49 8045 - 130

Rooms will be pre-booked by Dago and are around 124 EUR per night including accomodation, meals and conference fee. Please let him know whether you are attending by the 29. September 2012. Late bookings might be possible, but can't be guaranteed. Standard bookings will be from Friday to Sunday, if you would like to stay longer/shorter, let Sebastian know.

Transfer to/from Munich airport is approx. 2 hrs, to/from Munich central train station is approx 1hrs (directions).


General Questions (Schedule etc): Dagobert Michelsen, dam @, +49-170-4457772







- Dagobert Michelsen (booked, arrival on thursday evening)
- Peter Bonivart (remote)
- Carsten Grzemba (booked, arrival on friday midday)
- Igor Galić (booked, arriaval on Friday ~15:00)
- Maciej Bliziński (Remote)
- Ben Walton (Remote)
- Juraj Lutter
- Yann Rouillard (booked, arrival on Friday ~20:15)

Topics to talk about, technical workshops, other ideas

This is still a work in progress, ideas welcome (just edit the page and add things that you feel are interesting or important). If you don't have write access to this wiki (and don't bother getting one) you can also send your ideas to Dago (dam @ and he will update the lists accordingly.

- IPS repository, mirror layout
- Reenabling and documenting the QA packages
- A package browser on the web site that displays a table of actually available packages for every combination of release/architecture
- Resolve blocking of dublin
- Decide how Perl should be done


Hacking sessions:
- Implement the IPS backend
- List of not-so-big things to do

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