Summercamp 2013

Camp 2013 will be our 9th installment of the Camp series series. These camps provide an opportunity for maintainers and other interested people to meet in person and work together more closely. They have been extremely beneficial for addressing pending issues and improving the OpenCSW experience.


Friday 13th to Sunday 15th September 2013

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  • Jörg Schilling
  • Dagobert Michelsen
  • Laurent Blume
  • Maciej Bliziński
  • Carsten Grzemba
  • Rafael Ostertag (arrival @10:00 airport TXL)


Fraunhofer FOKUS
10589 Berlin
Kaiserin Augusta Allee 31

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  • By plane to airport TXL
    • Flughafen Tegel -> Bus TXL -> Turmstr./Beusselstr. -> Bus M27 -> Goslaer Platz
    • Flughafen Tegel -> Bus X9 -> S+U Jungfernheide Bhf. -> Bus M27 -> Goslaer Platz
  • By plane to airport SXF
    • Flughafen Schönefeld -> S9 -> S+U Pankow -> Bus M27 -> Goslaer Platz
  • By train to Berlin Central Station
    • Hauptbahnhof -> Bus TXL -> Turmmstr./Beusselstr. -> Bus M27 -> Goslaer Platz

You always need to sign on at the gatekeeper as the lift only works with a key card.


Map of Hotels in the vicinity with marked proposal

Hotels in Berlin with special conditions for FOKUS Fraunhofer guests

Recommended (800m from FOKUS):

ECONTEL HOTEL Berlin (***)
Sömmeringstraße 24-26
10589 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Telefon +49 30 34 68 1 - 0
Fax +49 30 34 68 1 - 063
Make sure to mention Fraunhofer FOKUS when booking.

Booking Tel. +49 30 34681-047 or +49 30 34681-053
Comfort room FOKUS rate: 74 Euro (includes breakfast)
Business room FOKUS rate: 95 Euro (includes breakfast)

Suggestions for spouse tour

Social Events (confirmed)

Social Event proposals


  • Friday noon arrival at FOKUS
  • Sunday afternoon/evening end of the official schedule


Meeting minutes

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