Things To Do

The following tasks need to be done at some time:

  • Statistics for the webpage
    • Sparc vs. i386
    • Solaris 8 vs. 9 vs. 10 vs. 11
  • Reenable QA statistics
  • Move everything to GAR
  • Categories in GAR should be reduced to the minimum number available, lib, apps etc. should go away
  • pkgutil should include commondirs, GAR needs a switch for that
  • upgrade wordpress
  • implement code to detect linkage to multiple versions of the same library
  • document the checkpkg architecture on the wiki
  • resolve the remaining dual ssl linking problems
  • add —rsyncable to package compression in GAR
    • update gzip to 1.5, forward-port rsyncable-patch
  • add the date of generation of the catalog in the content of the catalog
  • diff -D on includes
  • improve performance of OSQA
  • Use one wiki-like tools to replace/merge wikidot and trac
  • Use a better bugtracker tool
  • Improve the website: add a package release activity / twitterfeed
  • Improve User Documentation:
  • Improve Maintainers documentation: use only one tools and restructure documentation, move into
  • Improve the search feature on the website
  • Document how to update the manual on the wiki
  • Add several checks on QA updates
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