Vote Release Process
This is an old document. The Automated Release Process has been implemented.

This is the voters information page, for the future of the package release process at OpenCSW.

This write up provides a brief pro/con summary of the proposal put forward to automate the release of packages for OpenCSW. Maintainers will have the ability to release packages to an unstable catalog directly through automated tools that verify policy, manipulate catalogs and update mirrors. Human applied quality assurance will be administered via bug filing.

Proposal for the new Release Process here.

Position Supporting The Proposal

  • All packages have the same level of policy scrutiny before release. (Consistent.)
  • Clearly defined flow for packages. (Deterministic.)
  • Packages not rejected for non-policy reasons. (Objective.)
  • Any maintainer may participate in quality assurance. (Participatory.)
  • Tools, processes and documentation will be open to the community. (Open.)

Position Against The Proposal

There is much room for improvement in the current process: in fact, most of the mechanisms in "the new system" can and should be adopted. The current "release manager" is in favor of most of them

That being said, the current system guarantees that someone with longtime experience at least glances at each and every package.

Since Ben and Maciej are blocking a more complex set of voting options, and also since what "the new system" is, is still under discussion, a vote "against the proposal", should really be considered only a vote for
"Having specifically identified release manager(s) is crucial for highest quality packages, since it ensures at least one additional experienced person looks at a package."

Improvements and discussion on "the new system" of package flow, review, and release, should still continue, even if "position against the proposal" is voted as the current majority position.

Also, the matter of who, and how many, people, should be release manager(s) in the future, remains an open issue.

Proposed ballot

Please note that the date visible on the ballot is only an example, the actual vote dates are to be determined.

Version 1 (2011-06-30)


Version 2 (2011-06-30)


Version 3 (2011-06-30)

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