wiki platform

Potential concerns about long-term choice of wiki platform:

  • stability/reliability of site

I've had another wiki here since last year and I don't remember it ever being inaccessible. They've been up since 2006 with this service so it's fairly new but not exactly beta. If there are problems with the accessibility the wiki could be moved to another platform with the help of the backup (see next point).

  • backups?

They backup all servers of course but we have the possibility to make our own backups of the content of our wiki. Currently the backups do not contain the revision history, just the current content. I have done backups once or twice a week to different locations (work/home).

  • Lock-in: how easy would it be to migrate to a different wiki, either of a different type, or exactly the same type, on a different server?

As we use internal wikis at work for most documentation I have evaluated many known wiki systems and there doesn't seem to be a really generic wiki format that every wiki understands including formatting. No matter which system you choose you're in for some heavy formatting when importing to another. On the other hand, wikis shouldn't contain complex documents. Simple formatted documents are of course easier to transfer. The formatting issue could be eased with the help of the generic wiki converter, which is however in an early stage.

It should be noted that "wikidot" is an actual open-source package, that can currently be downloaded/checked out from
Phil has saved a source tree snapshot, on the baltic-online build farm, in /home/phil/src (20080208 snapshot)

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