Wintercamp 2009 Directions

In case you are arriving on Friday, you have got the (preferred) option to meet up with some others at the ConSol* office, have dinner, and once Dagobert and Maciej have arrived (and eaten as well, approx 9pm), to drive to the hotel together. The other option is to head to the hotel directly. If you intend to arrive at the hotel prior to Friday 10pm, please tell Sebastian so that he can notify them. Either way, these are the directions for public transport.

Airport to Munich central station / ConSol* office

  • Take the suburban railway into town, either line S1 or S8. One of them departs every 10 minutes, the ride is about 35 minutes.
  • If you want to go to ConSol* first to drop your luggage, meet with the others, and share a care to the hotel later on, alight at "Rosenheimer Platz" and walk for about 5 minutes. When you arrive at ConSol* call Sebastian on +49 151 53751727, he will come and pick you up.
  • If you want to go straight to the hotel by yourself (it's a fair bit to the south of Munich, allow another 1,5 hrs for transfer) alight at Munich central station.

Munich central station to the hotel

  • Enter the main platforms hall (there is only one) and make your way to the platforms area for platforms 27-36 (to the far right when facing the tracks frontally).
  • Take the BOB train on platform 34 to Lenggries (runs 10 past every hour, up to 10 past 10 pm, timetable). The train is divided into three sections, make sure to enter the one which displays Lenggries (the train will split at stations along the way, so if you end up in the wrong section, you will still have some time to switch sections during a stop). You will need to buy a ticket at the platform, make sure to have Euros available, return ticket is about 25 €.
  • When you arrive in Lenggries call Sebastian on +49 151 53751727, he will come and pick you up (allow 20 mins). If its prior to Friday, 10pm, you will need to take a cab to the hotel.


Hotel Jäger von Fall
Ludwig Ganghofer Str. 8
D-83661 Lenggries Fall

ConSol* Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH
Franziskanerstr. 38
D-81669 München

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