Wintercamp Dublin Tech Talk

What: A tech talk

Where: At the Google office in Dublin, at 1 Grand Canal Plaza, Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4, (next to BT Communications Ireland Limited Head Office)

When: Friday, 18th of February 2011. The door opens at 18:30, the talk begins at 19:00.

"mGAR - Producing complex Solaris packages the easy way" by Dagobert Michelsen

Packages are the primary means of deploying applications in Solaris-based infrastructures. However, making a Solaris package can be challenging. This starts with making patches so the source code compiles at all, continues with assembling the output of multiple compiler runs for architecture-specific binaries, and finally use Solaris-specific features like SMF and check the resulting binaries for correct shared libraries linking. These tasks can be simplified by using package build descriptions fed to mGAR to do the heavy lifting. The maintainer can then focus on the specifics of a certain package instead of manually fiddling with routine tasks.

Dagobert Michelsen is a consultant for Solaris, clusters, storage and VMware at Baltic Online, the main mGAR developer and a maintainer of way over half a thousand Solaris packages at OpenCSW.

There's a Q&A session after the presentation.

This event is free.

Pub afterwards.

Slides are now online as PDF and HTML/JPEG.

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